Smeg 50’s Retro Style Aesthetic Stand Mixer (800 W Motor, 10 Speeds), Cream


Smeg 50’s Retro Style Aesthetic Stand Mixer (800 W Motor, 10 Speeds), Cream

2,175.00 SAR

  • Die-cast aluminum body
  • High polished stainless steel bowl
  • Bowl dimensions: 4,8 Lt
  • Tilt head mechanism
  • Variable speed control (10 steps with soft start)
  • Anti-slip feet
  • 800 w direct drive motor
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A cake to offer to your friends, the unique scent of home baked bread or fresh pasta that will amaze your dinner guests. With the SMEG 50’s Style Stand Mixer, recipes take shape thanks to a reliable, robust, and efficient assistant.

Functionality and Style

Optimum planetary rotation which guarantees the best homogeneous and perfectly amalgamated mixture.

10 speed settings and the Smooth Start system offer the versatility you need for the different stages of your recipe.

Efficiency and Durability

The mixer’s robust metal body reduces vibration to a minimum, allowing you to work calmly and peacefully.

The ample 4.8 L, stainless steel bowl with ergonomic handle enables small and large quantities of mixtures to be prepared.

Front accessory port

Smeg offers a wide range of accessories which can be easily inserted through the font accessory port and that will allow you to cutor stretch fresh pasta.

Additional information

Weight 11.1 kg
Dimensions 25.5 × 32 × 46 cm

50's Style


Product description

  1. Motor head
  2. Body
  3. Power and speed selector
  4. Head raising/lowering release button
  5. Lower attachment for standard accessories
  6. Front attachment hub for optional accessories
  7. Front hub cover
  8. Bowl base
  9. Bowl
  10. Pouring shield
  11. Dough hook
  12. Flat beater
  13. Wire whisk

Description of parts

Motor head (1)

Upper part of the appliance, responsible for rotating the standard and optional accessories.

Power and speed selector (3)

Lever for speed selection.
The ‘0’ position of the lever corresponds to the OFF position (appliance off).
To start the appliance, position the lever on one of the 10 available speeds (positions 1-10), depending on the type of mixing required.
See ”3.5 Speed setting suggestions” for more details and suggestions.

Head raising/lowering release button (4)

Button which releases the motor head to position it in one of its two possible configurations (raised or lowered position).

Lower attachment for standard accessories (5)

Attachment for inserting standard accessories. Holds the accessory solidly in position during planetary movement.

Front attachment hub for optional accessories (6)

Attachment for connecting optional accessories.
It is protected by a removable cover.

Bowl base (8)

Base with slots in which to insert the bowl and which then lock it in position.

Bowl (9)

Stainless-steel bowl; capacity 4.8 litres.
Ideal for holding both large and small quantities of ingredients.
The handle simplifies insertion and removal.

Pouring shield (10)

Plastic shield which can be attached to the bowl to stop ingredients splattering/coming out of the bowl and to facilitate the addition of new ingredients.

Standard accessories

Aluminium flat beater

For combining, mixing, and starting all mixing procedures.
For preparing cake batters and pastries, biscuits, icing, etc. and for other, thicker
batters and mixes.

Aluminium dough hook

For slowly combining, mixing and kneading leavened dough type mixtures including bread, pasta, pizza, etc.

Stainless-steel wire whisk

For beating, mixing, whisking, whipping ingredients such as butter, eggs, cream, etc.
Also ideal for preparing creams, custards, sauces, etc.

Pouring shield

For protecting against splattering and to facilitate the addition of ingredients when in use.


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