Liebherr 60cm Laboratory Refrigerator with Fan-Assisted Cooling, White

9,572.60 SAR
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  • Liebherr Performance Laboratory Refrigerator with Fan-Assisted Cooling.
  • Gross capacity: 394 liters.
  • Net capacity: 298 liters.
  • Adjustable temperature range: +3 °C to +16 °C.
  • Ambient temperature: +10 °C to +35 °C.
  • Refrigerant Gas: R 600a.
  • Gradient: 4.6 °C.
  • Power failure alarm: When mains power returns.
  • Positive temperature deviation from the setpoint: 1.2 Kelvin.
  • Negative temperature deviation from the setpoint: -1.1 Kelvin.
  • Increase in temperature from +5 °C to +10 °C (empty, +25 °C TU): 45 min.
  • Decrease in temperature from +25 °C to +5 °C (empty, +25 °C TU): 25 min.
  • Recovery time after 1 min of door opening (empty, +25 °C TU, according to EN 60068-3): 12 min.
  • Interface: WLAN/LAN (optional).
  • Min./max. temperature recording: Yes.
  • Alarm history: No.
  • Product sensor: No.
  • Interior light: Not specified.
  • Door hinges: Right reversible.
  • Material of interior containers: Plastic white.
  • Number of adjustable shelves: 5.
  • Number of storage shelves: 6.
  • Colour: White.
  • Side wall material: Steel.
  • Door/Cover material: Full-panel door.
  • Control unit: Touch.
  • Self-closing door: Yes.
  • Voltage: 220 V ~.
  • Weight (with packaging): 68 kg.
  • Dimensions (H/W/D): 188.4 / 59.7 / 65.4 cm.

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±3 °C temperature stability

Temperature fluctuations must be minimal to ensure that the quality of sensitive substances is preserved. Liebherr refrigerators have an impressive maximum deviation of just ±3 °C from the set temperature. This not only maintains the storage climate, but also the value of your stored goods.

liebherr-BSHU22_2 degrees Celsius SafetyDevice

+2 °C SafetyDevice

If the temperature in the appliance drops below +2 °C due to a malfunction, the +2 °C SafetyDevice function takes control, which keeps the temperature stable and activates an alarm. Sensitive substances are protected from freezing and you are notified immediately.

Retrofittable WiFi/LAN interface

This is how easy it is to network a Liebherr: With the retrofittable WiFi and LAN interface, appliances can be effortlessly connected to external systems, such as SmartMonitoring from Liebherr. With the digital monitoring solution, the storage temperature is controlled and documented conveniently and securely via the subsequently set up interface.

Environmentally friendly refrigerants

Liebherr appliances are optimised for maximum energy efficiency and low operating costs. We only use the natural and environmentally-friendly refrigerants R 600a and R 290. When used with highly efficient compressors, these are extraordinarily efficient and, with their low global warming potential, also future-proof.

Designed for a service life of 15 years

Sustainable means the appliance is not only economical, but also durable. High-quality materials and solid workmanship, coupled with at least ten years of spare parts availability, make a Liebherr appliance a robust, reliable, and extremely long-lasting top performer in demanding everyday work.

Mechanical lock

All professional Liebherr appliances are equipped with a mechanical lock with two keys for the storage of temperature-sensitive products. This way you can be sure that no unauthorised hands can access your stored goods.


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  • From construction machinery to refrigerators.
  • For Hans Liebherr, the impetus behind new areas of business is sometimes derived from personal contacts. From the branch manager of his local bank, the businessman learns about a refrigerator-making factory that is for sale.
  • By examining the product, the sales figures and the markets, Liebherr recognizes the enormous potential of appliances. At this time, only one in every ten households in Germany has a refrigerator – and with the economy growing, demand is on the rise.
  • Hans Liebherr decides not to buy the company but instead builds his own production facilities at the Ochsenhausen site in Southern Germany.
  • In 1954, the first refrigerator is built there and series production begins just one year later.


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