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DA 3466

Slimline range

Hood With energy-efficient LED lighting and light-touch switches for easy use.

Elegant design – slim 595 extractor canopy

Powerful – 720 on the booster setting

Efficient filtration-

Safe and easy to clean – Miele CleanCover

Suitable for every home – w. extraction or recirculation function

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علامة تجارية Miele
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الخصائص الفنية تفاصيل المنتج
  • الوزن 12 kg
    الأبعاد 27.5 × 59.5 × 34 cm





  • Miele CleanCover

    Protection and easy cleaning: Smooth surfaces conceal and prevent contact with electrical components and motor.

    High-quality and powerful motors

    Powerful and quiet: Radial fans on both sides ensure high air throughput and extraction with low noise levels.

    NoSmell active charcoal filters

    Efficient in absorbing odours: In recirculation mode odours are absorbed and neutralised completely.

    Stainless steel grease filters

    Convenient cleaning: The high-quality metal grease filters are dishwasher-proof and extremely durable.


    Design flexibility

    Clean design lines and intelligent technology: you can choose from many models and features.

    *Efficiency and sustainability

    High-power LED spotlights

    Environmentally friendly and long lasting: uniform downlighting and a warm light tone with only 3 W.

    Automatic ‘Intensive’ switch-off

    Full power when required: the ‘Intensive’ setting is efficient at extracting strong odours and smoke.


    +Handcrafted in Germany

    Know-how and craftsmanship: Our expert knowledge goes into each range hood, from development to finished product.
    +Perfect workmanship

    Unique characteristics of Miele range hoods: precise contours, precision joints and no unsightly gaps.


    Safety switch-off

    For added peace of mind and safety:select rangehoods will switch themselves off automatically after 10 hours

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