Miele 100cm Island Decor Hood Touch Control, Clean Black

17,135.00 SAR
( VAT Included )
  • Design - Recirculation ventilation hood, 39 3/8 (1,000) Inch wide.
  • Efficient - OdorFree charcoal filter.
  • Convenient - programmable charcoal filter saturation indicator.
  • Practical - delayed shut down for 5 to 15 minutes.
  • 2 Halogen light.
  • 3 Power levels.
  • Programmable 'Intensive' switch-off.
  • Easy Clean Clean Cover hood liner.
  • Safety shut-off.

Miele 30cm Built-in Electric ProLine Element with Barbecue Grill, Stainless Steel

8,303.00 SAR
( VAT Included )
  • Miele 30cm built-in electric grill professional design.
  • 2 Electrically heated barbecue grills.
  • Premium cast-iron griddle for perfect grilling.
  • 2 Separately controlled heating areas.
  • Easy and direct controls with metal rotary dial control.
  • Convenient and safe.
  • Compatible with other Miele ProLine ranges.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Voltage 230-240.

Miele 30cm CombiSets Built-in Electric Potato Boiler / Fryer, Clean Steel

7,051.80 SAR
( VAT Included )
  • Professional design - 11 3/8 (288) Inch wide stainless steel basin.
  • Particularly versatile - Temperature range of 80-200°F.
  • Particularly versatile - You can use it to cook pasta.
  • Easy and direct controls -operation via metal rotary dial control.
  • Extremely convenient - in-operation and temp. reached indicator.

Miele 30cm CombiSets Built-in Gas Hob 2 Burners, Clean Steel

5,908.70 SAR
( VAT Included )
  • Professional design - Stainless steel trough, 11 3/8 (288) Inch wide.
  • Particularly versatile - 1 medium burner and 1 large burner.
  • Optimal - single-handed operation via rotary dials and QuickStart.
  • Particularly convenient -in operation and residual heat indicator.
  • Extremely safe - GasStop & Restart function.

Miele 38cm Built-in Electric Combiset Grill Tepan Yaki, Clean Steel

10,111.95 SAR
( VAT Included )
  • Perfect for professional, healthy Asian-style cuisine.
  • Professional design: Stainless steel surface, 15 (380) Inches wide.
  • Particularly versatile: 2 Separately controlled heating areas.
  • Particularly versatile: Fry, grill, braise, sauté, etc.
  • Easy and direct controls: Operation via metal rotary dial control.
  • Very convenient, safe: Operating and residual heat indicator.

Miele 60cm Built-in Coffee Machine with Bean-to Cup System Touch Control, Clean Steel & Black

14,334.75 SAR
( VAT Included )
Miele 60cm built-in coffee system with DirectSensor controls. Convenience features: OneTouch preparation. OneTouch for Two preparation. Aroma-friendly conical grinder. Selectable grinder setting Programmable amount of coffee. Programmable amount of water. Dishwasher-safe milk flask. Programmable User profiles 10. Programmable water temperature. Amount of milk can be programmed. Programmable amount of milk froth. Pre-brewing programmable. Coffee pot function. The coffee pot function allows up to 8 cups of coffee to be brewed at one time. Brilliant Light. Timer function. Ground coffee chute for whole bean bypass. Removable brew unit for easy cleaning. Removable water tank. Beverages: Espresso, Coffee, Cappuccino, Long coffee, Latte macchiato, Caffè latte, Hot water, Hot milk, Milk froth. User convenience: Individual language selection. Date display. Time of day display. ComfortDoor. BrilliantLight. Concealed door handle. Easily accessible containers. Removable coffee bean container. Capacity of coffee bean container in 500g. Capacity of water container in 2.3L. Capacity of waste container in capsules 15. Programmable switch-on/off time. Programmable standby time. Clock buffer in h200. Cleaning convenience: Convenient cleaning programs. Automatic rinsing function. Automatic rinsing of milk line with water from the water container. Comfor Clean. Removable milk pipe work. Removable brew unit. Programmable water hardness. Efficiency and sustainability. Energy-saving eco-mode selectable. Night switch-off. System lock. Water protection system. Accessories Included: Cleaning brush. Cleaning tablets. Milk pipe cleaning agent. Cleaning containers. EasyClean milk flask. Descaling tablets. Coffee spoon.

Miele 60cm Built-in Coffee Machine with Nespresso System, Clean Steel & Black

11,363.15 SAR
( VAT Included )
  • Miele 60cm built-in coffee machine.
  • CleanSteel with black interior(illustrated).
  • Door hinged left concealed handle.
  • Removable capsule system for 20 coffee capsules of up to 5 different types.
  • 4 Choices of cup size, water quantity programmable.
  • Multi-lingual touch control display with self-explanatory user navigation.
  • Maintenance-free LED illumination of coffee delivery recess timer for switching on and off automatically.
  • Automatic programs for rinsing, cleaning, and descaling.
  • Programmable functions include lighting, keypad tones, buzzer volume, and display brightness.
  • 1.5 Liter water container.
  • Large capacity waste container for 25 spent capsules.
  • Two stainless steel through flow heaters for simultaneous preparation of espresso/coffee and hot milk/froth.
  • System lock.
  • Refill reminders.
  • Nespresso® capsules.
  • Freshwater.
  • Empty drip tray.
  • Empty waste container.
  • Accessories included: Cappuccinatore jug for frothing milk. 2 Espresso cups and saucers. 2 Cappuccino cups and saucers. Descaling and cleaning agents.
  • AC 220 V / 60 Hz.
  • Rated load 2.3 kW.

Miele 60cm Built-in Full-Fledged Steam Combination Oven, Black Clean Steel

20,112.35 SAR
( VAT Included )
  • Perfect results thanks to MultiSteam technology.
  • Sets new standards regarding brilliance and user convenience - MTouch.
  • Custom and precise temperature control - cook with the food probe.
  • Very convenient - water container is behind motorized fascia panel.
  • Plenty of space to be creative - the XL cooking compartment.
  • Clean Touch Steel™Front.
  • Motorized control panel.
  • 3 rack levels.
  • XL cavity.
  • Removable side racks with PerfectClean.
  • Double halogen lamps.
  • Removable side racks with PerfectClean.

Miele 60cm Built-in Fully Integrated Dishwasher 6 Programs and 14 Place Settings, Stainless Steel

7,642.90 SAR
( VAT Included )
  • Miele full integrated dishwasher.
  • 6 Automatic programs.
  • 14 Place settings.
  • Delay start feature.
  • Time remaining display.
  • Eco mode function.
  • 70 Degree wash program.
  • Quick wash.
  • Half load option.
  • Perfect results – Only 6.5L water used in Automatic program.
  • Perfect GlassCare – Glass care technology ensures glasses are washed gently.
  • ExtraComfort basket design - 3D cutlery tray, basket handles, height-adjustable upper basket, 2 height-adjustable holders for glasses.
  • The door is extremely easy to open and close, and stays open in any position.
  • Noise level 44 dB.

Miele 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher with 5 Programs & 14 Place Settings, Brilliant White

5,716.65 SAR
( VAT Included )
  • Miele 60cm freestanding dishwasher.
  • 14 Place settings.
  • The number of programs: 5.
  • Orbital washing system.
  • Particularly economical with EU energy efficiency class A++.
  • Save up to 50 % more electricity - hot water connection.
  • Easy loading an unloading - Cutlery tray.
  • Very easy door opening and closing - ComfortClose.
  • Space for each item of cutlery - Miele basket design.
  • Display: Delayed start display.
  • Visual indicator: salt and rinse aid and Inlet/Drain.
  • On all Miele dishwashers, the upper basket is easily and variably height-adjustable.
  • Lower basket with single foldable rack.
  • Delay start up to 24 hours, with automatic soak.
  • Brilliant White color.
  • Made in Germany.

Miele 60cm Pull-Out Built-in Ventilation Cooker Hood, Stainless Steel

4,999.05 SAR
( VAT Included )
  • Elegant design - slim 23 1/2 (595) Inch extractor canopy.
  • Efficient filtration- 10-ply stainless steel grease filters.
  • Safe and easy to clean - Miele CleanCover.
  • Suitable for every home - vented or recirculating.
  • LED lighting.
  • Backlit controls for easy use.
  • Light-touch controls.
  • 3 Power levels.
  • EasyClean.
  • Dual-action blower.

Miele 90cm Pull-Out Built-In Ventilation Cooker Hood, Stainless Steel

5,898.35 SAR
( VAT Included )
Slimline rangehood with energy-efficient LED lighting and light-touch switches for easy use.
  • Elegant design - slim 35 1/4 (895) Inch extractor canopy.
  • Efficient filtration- 10-ply stainless steel grease filters.
  • Safe and easy to clean - Miele CleanCover.
  • Suitable for every home - vented or recirculating.
  • 2 LED lights.
  • Dual-action blower.
  • EasyClean.
  • 3 Power levels.
  • Safety shut-off.