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ESW 5080-14

14 cm high gourmet warming drawer without handle

with the low temperature cooking function – much more than a warming drawer.

Ultimate enjoyment with Low temperature cooking

Versatile use thanks to four operating modes

Convenient and easy – Touch operation

Easiest handling – Push2Open

Safe is safe – Timer function with automatic switch off

  • Weight 0.7 kg
    Dimensions 57 × 14.1 × 59.5 cm





  • *Features

    Low-temperature cooking Exclusive toMiele

    For perfect results: With low temperatures, meat recipes automatically become specialities.

    Touch controls Exclusive toMiele

    Simply convenient: programme selection is via a flush touch panel which is easy to clean.

    Fully telescopic runners

    Simply practical: the drawer can be pulled out completely for easy loading and unloading.


    Heat guaranteed: All built-in food warming drawers feature a 4-hour timer which switches off automatically.

    Four operating modes

    Multi-purpose use: Warming cups and plates, keeping food warm or cooking at low temperatures.


    Fully telescopic runners

    Simply practical: the drawer can be pulled out completely for easy loading and unloading.


    Lots of guests, a lot of crockery: depending on the model, crockery for up to 12 persons can be pre-heated

    Push2open mechanism

    Easy to open: slight pressure is sufficient to activate this function.

    Perfect serving temperature

    Individual and precise control: depending on requirements and taste, the temperature can be precisely controlled.

    Non-slip liner

    All items are safely positioned: crockery does not slide around when the drawer is opened or closed.

    Connection with coffee machine

    Always on time: by programming the coffee machine, the cups are pre-warmed.

    *Gourmet versatility


    Gentle defrosting guaranteed – without loss of quality.

    Melting chocolate

    Something everyone has experienced, chocolate has to be melted to the exact temperature for cakes.

    Dissolving gelatin

    Panna cotta is prepared to perfection with gelatin.

    Proving yeast dough

    Yeast dough is particularly suited for cakes, biscuits and pizza. Preparation is easier than you think.

    Allowing rice to swell

    Perfect in all variations, particularly puddings.

    Making yoghurt

    For various applications: when baking or as a dessert.

    Veal and beef

    Low temperature cooking brings out the strong aromatic flavours of these meats and guarantees perfect cooking.

    Lamb and poultry

    Low temperature cooking guarantees gentle cooking of these meats and achieves succulent and tender results.


    Fish is good for body and soul.


    Sweet temptations for dessert: for example for meringue

    Side dishes

    Side dishes are not often the centre of attention and yet choosing the right one can be crucial to the whole menu.

    Breakfast cereals

    An ideal start to the day with a good breakfast.



    Cleaning made easy: the high-quality surface finish makes cleaning the appliances extremely easy.


    Cool front

    Maximum protection: all surfaces of and around the appliance remain cool, which offers protection against burns.

    Safety switch-off

    Peace of mind: should you forget to switch the appliance off, the safety switch-off function does it for you.

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