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DGC 6800

Steam combination oven XL

Steam oven with fully-fledged oven function for the most demanding of cooks.

  • Perfect results thanks toMultiSteam technology
  • Sets new standards as regards brilliance and convenience -MTouch
  • Highest convenience – roasting with thewireless food probe
  • Very convenient – water container is behindmotorised lift panel
  • Plenty of space to be creative – theXL cabinet
رمز SKU المنتج: DGC 6800
علامة تجارية Miele
الكلمات الدليلية , ,
الخصائص الفنية تفاصيل المنتج
  • الوزن 41.5 kg
    الأبعاد 54.7 × 59.5 × 47.8 cm

    اسود, ستيل






  • MultiSteam Exclusive to miele

    Perfection just as you like it

    Success guaranteed: fast and even distribution of steam in the cabinet and around cooking containers.

    Motorised lift-up fascia panel Exclusive to miele

    Convenient: The panel opens at the touch of a button to reveal the water container and the food probe.

    Steam oven with fully-fledged oven function Exclusive to miele

    Lots of functions in one appliance: for perfect cooking, roasting and baking results with unlimited combinations.

    Automatic menu cooking Exclusive to miele

    A complete menu: “Menu cooking” automatically determines temperature, cooking duration and adding food sequence.

    Wireless food probe Exclusive to miele

    No supervision needed: The countdown indicator tells you exactly when the meat, fish or poultry will be ready.

    Combination cooking

    The outside stays crispy and the inside succulent: Combination of hot air and steam for perfect results.

    Quantity-independent cooking

    The cooking duration is always the same: Whether 100 g or 1 kg – the cooking time for the food stays the same.

    Electronic climate control

    Ideal microclimate: the climate sensor ensures perfect cooking results.

    Cooking on three levels

    Saving time and electricity: cooking fish, vegetables and meat simultaneously and enjoying each one without the transfer of flavour.

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